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Oman is the only gem among the countries of the Arabian coast and the present cultural Arab heritage at the moment, which preserved the local flavor of architecture, traditions, cuisine and all the knowledge of the east and reached the heights of comfortable pastime among lovers of family, sports, cultural and entertainment leisure at any time of the year. Treasures of virgin nature for passionate lovers of hikes and just the darling of the seas and oceans, musical entertainment and theatrical performances for beginners and sophisticated art of luxury, a rich choice for fans of new exotic shopping and much more that few in the world you can see with your own eyes. Look into the heart of Oman!

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Never guessed before that in Oman such beautiful mountains! And, especially, we did not expect to meet a real luxury hotel at an altitude of 2000 meters! Excellent stylish rooms with a crazy view of the canyon, a large selection of beautiful hiking routes.





We recently visited Oman and were very pleasantly surprised by its beauty. Were in Wadi Shab and in a place where the local population of Oman says the star fell))



Sergey, Moscow


Was in Oman 11/10/2018 I liked everything very much. Visited Muscat, Wadi Shab, Nizva. Many thanks to the company Gidoman.


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